Two dogs. One purpose.

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This is the story of Anubis and Tiger.

One German Shepherd. One brindle indie.

One born in the lap of luxury and one born to the underbelly of Mumbai.

One whose every day with me teaches me love and passion.

One whose death taught me compassion and purpose.

One who showed me the way and one who gave me the reason.

The Anubis -Tiger Foundation is an entity created solely to provide a safe home for rescued abandoned and abused dogs.

We have dreams.

The dream is to create a foster care system that is clean, safe, cheap and healthy.

The dream is to have a rehabilitation centre with hydrotherapy and a play area.

The dream is to have adoption camps where potential adopters can spend a play date with a wide range of dogs at leisure and make an informed and intelligent choice of their pet .

The dream is to build a senior retirement home for aged, tired and ill dogs too. A place in the sun, good food and care, peace, lots of love and gentle caressing hands.

That’s the plan.

We are a registered non-profit.

The Anubis-Tiger Foundation welcomes you to a brand new world of compassion, empathy and care.

Our dreams walk on four legs. Come walk with us.

Meet The Team

Image of Deepa Talib, Chairperson
Deepa Talib
Chair Person
Image of Murad Talib, Secretary
Murad Talib
Image of Khaim Talib, Trustee
Khaim Talib
Image of Kazaan Talib, Trustee
Kazaan Talib
Image of Sheeka Talib, Trustee
Sheeka Talib
Image of Riyaan Shetty, Treasurer
Riyaan Shetty

Main Stays

Image of Joshila Kumar
Joshila Kumar
Image of Bijal Keniya
Bijal Keniya
Image of Yashasvita Rathore
Yashasvita Rathore
Image of Sreedhar Korane
Sreedhar Korane
80G CertificateCSR1 Approval