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I adopted Frosty with support from The Anubis-Tiger Foundation. Lot of care was taken to ensure Frosty gets along with our Cocoa. Heartfelt gratitude to Deepa to bringing my bacha into my life.

Rajshree Pandey

A noble Venture from a kind-hearted Soul with a great Vision and purpose. May it grow from Strength to Strength. GOD BLESS.

Venkat Raman

This foundation means to me alot they gave maggie second innings you guys are doing a wonderful job .... Thank you for everything lots of love from maggie and marvel

Rajat Parashar

ZEB WILL NEVER EVER BE INDEBTED TO ME OR ANYONE ELSE! He’s amply served his sentence as ordained by God. Enough! Honour is always found in better people than myself. Like you, who does such thankless and important service.

Dr Dilip Virani

I decided to adopt a fur baby and I got in touch with Anubis tiger foundation. Deepa has been a guide and firm support in this entire journey of adoption. They make sure that the babies go to responsible pet parents and get forever home.


Great Work, you changed his entire Life. Kudos to you Deepa ji, The AnubisTiger Foundation & the Family who adopted him

Amit Parmar

My family is forever indebted to Deepa and Anubis Foundation for bringing Zoofy into our life. When I struggled with Zoofy's behavioural issues, she calmly answered all my questions. Whenever we adopt our second one, it would most definitely be from Anubis Foundation

Aneesha Pillai

I know over the years, considering the kind of person you are, a lot of thank yous have been said to you, I’m not going to be any different and I’m saying a big Thank you to you

Harsh Sughand

TATF is one of the most compassionate organisations doing amazing work in Mumbai & Pune when it comes to animal welfare, rehabilitation and adoption. Very grateful for helping us add this loving +1 to our family.

Siddharth ChandraShekhar

TATF restored our faith that adoption does work provided you come across the right person and organization; We truly have a wonderful dog for life with us because of you.

Kishore Rao

They are a blessing to me! I was able to give home to 2 beautiful dogs because of Anubis Tiger foundation! God bless them all for doing such a noble job of rescue!!

Veronica Vishwakarma

Thanks to #TATF I met the joy of my life. The team is so dedicated towards finding the right home for furry babies who have been abandoned and in need of a loving forever home.

Mellita Sequeira

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Deepa Talib

9th January 2023

Oskar goes to America!

Oskar our little 1 year old Indie boy who lost the use of his hind legs as a puppy has found a wonderful opportunity to find a home in the USA.

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Deepa Talib

10th July 2020

Dogs are a child’s best friend. Don’t take that away from your baby!

I grew up with a dog. I thank my dad each day for the love he instilled in me for these perfect beings. I was a sick asthmatic child, underweight and thin. Doctors recommended against a pet on health reasons but my dad felt my life would be worth living only if I had a four legged friend. The rest was history.

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Deepa Talib

3rd July 2020

Pets Continue to be Abandoned in India. Now, Animal Rescuers are Working Overtime

Many bored people got pets to serve as pandemic companions. Then, while some realised keeping a pet is not as easy as they thought, some others were hit by a financial downturn.

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Tribute to Anubis and Tiger - Beloved companions and forever in our hearts