Oskar goes to America!

The Anubis-Tiger Foundation presents!!!!!


Oskar our little 1 year old Indie boy who lost the use of his hind legs as a puppy has found a wonderful opportunity to find a home in the USA.

Finding abandoned and needy dogs a home has always been the raison d’être for the The Anubis-Tiger Foundation and now we take it further by taking Oskar across the seas.

Oskar has been raised painstakingly and lovingly by his caretaker parents in Mumbai and all praise must be given to Shikha Pandey for protecting this child and working so hard towards his rehabilitation even when the going got rough. They never gave up on him and that today is commendable. All this would not have been possible without their sterling efforts.

We tried so hard to find Oskar an adoptive family here in India but failed. There was no one who could commit to the kind of care and attention this little boy would need. So the search began and ended in a stream of wonderful people who all came together from various countries and walks of life all in order to achieve a common goal. A good, safe, loving home for Oskar.

We are so excited to announce that Oskar is finally going to the US on 24th July 2019.

The Anubis-Tiger Foundation has in a small way provided logistical and financial support for Oskar’s journey to the US.

Jess Britany, Nicole Dome and Jen Marquis from Delhi the Street Dog Foundation have been the point of contact in the US and have guiding us with the process and Jen Marquis has so kindly offered to be Oskar’s chauffeur from Seattle to Oregon.

Amanda Wheeler and Trish Burson of Street Dog Hero, Oregon have helped us find the perfect foster home for Oskar.

Erica Psaltis Medici has so generously offered to provide him with a safe loving foster until he goes to his forever home.

Mini Kapoor Seth from Delhi has helped us find the best flight buddy for Oskar.

Teresa Beere Johnson is coming all the way from Canada just to accompany Oskar and be his flight buddy back to the US.

Anupama Vinayak at Furry Fliers who made the process of him travelling out so simple.

We wish you well Oskar!

Love, light and blessings on you to guide you on your journey!

God Bless you boy.

Good luck and safe travels.

The Anubis-Tiger Foundation